Playa Potrero Fiestas

The fiestas came to Potrero this past weekend, and it was a blast to be a part of it along with the entire community! There were bull riders, bands, dancing, delicious food, and a traditional-dressed pageant for the young girls to participate in. One of our students Alexa, whom Abriendo Mentes sponsored for the event, was the winner! They were all so adorable.

We volunteered to work the entrance each day, and seeing our students outside of the classroom having a ball gave us great pleasure. It was as if the whole community was in such high spirits. Seeing the children enjoy jumping on blow-up playgrounds and riding the mechanical bull was the highlight of the weekend for all of us teachers. The children of Potrero are always so appreciative of any opportunity to simply enjoy being kids. We asked each of them in English “How are you?” and even the youngest responded in perfect and proud English “I’m fine, thank you!” Their smiling faces could be seen around every corner as they watched the bull riders in sheer wonder and delight. They are so loving and sweet, playing jokes and tickling us as we walked by. The fiestas were such fun… Can’t wait to get to class today and hear their stories!

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