Volunteers Morgen and Callan ended their month-long stay on Friday. To celebrate their experience, they decided to make their last day an art project day. Along with another volunteer Maggie, they made cardboard boxes for all the students to decorate and use as memory boxes. The students got really creative with their ideas, and had such a fun time using all the different medias! Some turned their boxes into animals using construction paper, while others used fabric and magazine clippings to make a collage. It was a really nice way to say goodbye. Each student received a US Penny to put in their memory box to symbolize the memory of the project itself. It was wonderful to see the kids so happily creating something special for themselves, and with free reign over all the materials! We are all going to miss Callan and Morgen… It was really great having them here to help, and the students loved the extra care and attention. Making memory boxes was a super fun activity! We all look forward to finding out what the kids come up with to put inside their new boxes.

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