The first few months of 2010

It has been an amazing and busy first three months of 2010 – 7 volunteers, 2 field trips, 1 parade, 1 ice-cream party, a web-site launch and countless art projects. Needless to say, it has been a very successful year so far. We wanted to take a moment to re-cap the past few months and make sure we give many thanks and credit to all of our wonderful volunteers who donated one of the most important resources – time. Alex Strecker, our first volunteer arrived in January and helped us kick off our very first day of classes in 2010. Shortly after Maggie Roberts arrived for 9 weeks followed by Morgen and Callan Burzynski for one month. With their help, we were able to launch our website, raise funds to take the children on their first field trip out of Potrero and set up a whole new system for integrating creative arts into the classroom. We were also thrilled to have Sarah Littlefield travel from Ohio to do a week-long workshop with our adult students called “The Story Literacy Project”. Sarah documented the lives of our adult women students through pictures and stories. The end result will be a story book in English about the lives of each student. Muchas Gracias to all!

Next up? A dental hygiene class for all the children. Thanks to Laura Dominy for sending 70 toothbrushes and 40 tubes of toothpaste along with coloring sheets, and instructions for good dental hygiene. We are planning to have a local Dentist come and teach the class for us. We also hope to plan another learning excursion to Rincon de la Vieja National Park for a hike on a volcano and lesson on conservation. Stay tuned!

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