Friday Fiesta day!

This past Friday, we enjoyed a fun afternoon making tissue paper flowers with pipe cleaners and wooden skewers, practicing our colors while working, and as a special treat a piñata to top off the day! We have our new friends Samantha, Trinidad and Paula to thank for providing the supplies, ideas, piñata and candy for the activity. Samantha (7) and Trinidad (5) are traveling through Latin America with their parents and joined us for two weeks in Abriendo Mentes classes.

They brought with them new songs, activities and a lesson on Chile to add to the Abriendo Mentes curriculum. Samantha and Trinidad participated in all the regular A.M. Kinder and 1st grade class activities, and even wrote pen pal letters with us to our friends at Esperanza de Cambio in Peru. The A.M. students really enjoyed getting to know two new friends from the US and it was a great opportunity for all the children to interact with a different culture. It was a new opportunity and a wonderful way to continue opening minds.

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