Abriendo Mentes Goal of 3

3 goals, 3 months, 103 women and children in Playa Potrero need our help.

With 1/3 of the 2010 Abriendo Mentes year successfully completed, we are happy to announce we have officially been accepted as a partner for fiscal sponsorship with the 501 (c)(3) Omprakash Foundation. With this milestone reached, we have set 3 main goals that we are dedicated to accomplishing in the next 3 months.

This is our goal of 3:

  • Student material packets
  • Improvements to community teaching space
  • Experiential learning excursions

300 people, $10 each, 103 lives touched.

You can help change the future of 103 women and children in Playa Potrero. If 300 people contribute $10 each, we will be able to successfully reach our 3 goals in the next 3 months.

Your $10 will….

  • Help us deliver 33 more student packets to the 33 children still lacking basic classroom materials.
  • Help fund the improvement of the community center/Abriendo Mentes teaching space in Potrero: cleaning, painting, stuccoing, and closing up the large open windows to keep leaves and dust out.
  • Help send the students on 3 experiential learning field trips throughout the next year – hike on a volcano and learn about geothermal energy, experience a jungle canopy tour and learn about rain forest conservation and visit a leather back sea turtle nesting site and learn about endangered species.

Please forward this information to anyone you think would be interested in helping Abriendo Mentes and the women and children of Playa Potrero.

Want to get to know us better? Take a look at Abriendo Mentes’ new “Learn More” tab where you will find testimonials, news and events, student of the week and more.

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One Response to Abriendo Mentes Goal of 3

  1. Meradith says:

    $785 raised to date in the Goal of 3! A huge 'Thank you' to all our supporters for their generosity and helping us fulfill our goal of painting the community center.

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