June 30th 2010 – Farewell Kate and Todd!

As a tribute to our dedicated Abriendo Mentes volunteers Kate and Todd, on their last day of classes we planned a carnival for the A.M. students!

When Kate brought up the idea of a carnival, we were thrilled! We got a little carried away (dunk tank? Where can we find one of those in Guanacaste?), but Drew and Todd brought us back to reality (no pie toss girls).

The carnival was our way of sharing the celebration of U.S. Independence Day with the students, as well as an opportunity to involve them in all the awesome carnival games we knew as kids.

We had everything from pin the tail on the donkey, to water balloon toss, to a make shift cake walk (brownie and rice krispy treat walk) to go fishing! It was a huge success. We all ate, played games, won prizes and learned about U.S. Independence.

Once again a huge “Thank you” to all of our wonderful volunteers from the month of June, Kate and Todd from Michigan, Mary and Sarina from Florida and Caroline from Massachusetts. You will all be missed!

Foot note: I can confidently say that this was the most organized balloon toss anyone could have executed in Potrero – ever.

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