Through the volunteers’ eyes

Although we only spent a short time with Abriendo Mentes, we immediately sensed the students’ enthusiasm to learn as they flooded through the doors of the classroom with bright, smiling faces. Their dedication to expanding their knowledge is something we will never forget and are thrilled to have taken part.

This excitement, however, is largely a result of their mentors. The commitment of Abriendo Mentes’ teachers and founders, Drew and Meradith has inspired each of us. Their kind support and leadership provides a strong role model for these children, and helps them to expand their language skills, creativity and to foster new friendships.

We also had the opportunity to participate in a few adult English classes, where three working mothers devote what little free time they have to learn how to read, write and speak a new language. They worked patiently, hoping to gain skills that will improve their quality of life and set positive examples for their children.

In the small town of Playa Potrero where continuing education is not a priority, Abriendo Mentes emphasizes the importance of learning, and developing to ones full potential. The three of us have had a great experience working with this organization and encourage others to help Abriendo Mentes achieve their goals.

Thanks Drew and Meradith,

Stephanie, Meghan and Christina

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