Womanars – Celebrating the Power of Women!

Tilde Guajardo emailed me in May, she had received my contact from another woman in the Potrero area – I was surprised and thrilled to get the email! When you first start an organization, and people start reaching out to you through different networks, it is one of the best feelings ever. Tilde was coming to visit Costa Rica and wanted to do an on camera interview about Abriendo Mentes. Tilde is the founder of Womanars, an online media company targeting women, with the mission to celebrate the “Power of Women” through fun, innovative and engaging videos. I was intrigued, Womanars had such a strong and inspiring mission, of course I said yes!

Tilde and Angee in the Salon Comunal

Tilde and Angee Phong (COO of Womanars) came to Costa Rica in mid-May, I met them in Tamarindo for dinner and we instantly hit it off. They were both such energetic, outgoing women with a lot of heart (not to mention we instantly bonded over our love for food). My first time interview nerves were at ease. Tilde and Angee came to Potrero and spent the better part of a day with Drew, me and the kids. They came to class with us in the Salon, bearing two suitcases stocked full of school supplies (thank you so much!!!). It was a great day!

Tilde, Angee and me with all the A.M. girls and their Womanars shirts

Tilde and Angee headed back to the U.S. and have been diligently working on launching Womanars.com throughout the summer; now is the time! They have planned what is sure to be an awesome launch party in Dallas, TX at the Tower Club, 48th floor of Thanksgiving Tower, 1601 Elm Street. The party is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10th from 6 – 9 pm. We are so incredibly honored to be included in this event, with part of the proceeds going to Abriendo Mentes to benefit the women and girls of Playa Potrero, Costa Rica!

Sweet Jenifer with her new Womanars shirt!

Unfortunately I will not be able to personally attend this event since classes are still in session in Costa Rica, but I am supporting from afar! If you are in the Dallas area, please support Abriendo Mentes and celebrate with with Womanars, as they showcase women’s creativity and talents while giving back to those in need. There will be appetizers, drinks, door prizes & performances by:

Locked Out Comedy
Vero Voz
Elizabeth Wills
Reinventing Jude

We would love to hear from anyone who plans to attend the event, or hear your stories and see pictures after the event. Please help us support the “Power of Women” in the U.S., Costa Rica and the world. Visit www.womanars.com to purchase tickets and learn more about Womanars.

Many thanks!

Meradith Leebrick
Co-Founder, Abriendo Mentes
Opening Minds Latin America

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