Abriendo Mentes student of the month!

Student of the month goes to… Arturo (who has recently changed his name to Jose).

Arturo coloring an octopus picture in class

If you know Arturo, you know he is an awesome kid and a really hard working student. Arturo was one of the very first Abriendo Mentes students. He started coming to classes at the age of 5, last June 2009, and has barely missed a class since. His English has improved by leaps and bounds since his first days in class. Always one of the first to call out the answer, and always the first to finish his worksheet, he is completely focused for only 6 years old, and just a downright sweet kid.

Thumbs up Arturo during our trip to Angelina’s for pizza!

But the number one reason Jose Arturo is nominated as student of the month, is because he was one of 3 students from 5 communities selected for a full scholarship (K – 12!) at the nearby private nonprofit school, La Paz Community School. Abriendo Mentes works with La Paz school to nominate exceptional students from Potrero for potential scholarships each school year. We were so happy when we were informed that Arturo received a scholarship for the 2010 year.

Arturo painting his “don’t litter” sign

Arturo started his first day on August 30th, and absolutely loves his new school. Transitioning from Potrero public school and 3 hours of class a day to a full 8 – 3:00 day was a breeze for him. Arturo has worked so hard to get where he is today with his English. It was so wonderful to see all that hard work pay off, but we were also sad to see him go from our classes. It turns out this is not the case at all, Arturo still comes to AM classes every single day as soon as he gets home from La Paz school. What an awesome kid! Hands down Jose Arturo deserves this month’s award.

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