The Goal of 3 comes to an end

After three months of fund-raising, the Goal of 3 came to an end in October. Thanks to all our dedicated supporters we raised $2375 in total! With these contributions we were able to complete our first two goals in the Goal of 3 during the summer, and we are excited to be able to complete our last goal this weekend!

Abriendo Mentes Goal of 3 Fundraiser Results:

1) Goal 1 – Improvements to the community teaching space: In late June, with the help of a group of MIT alumni, Potrero community members, A.M. students and volunteers, we gave the community center where we conduct classes a face-lift, painting the inside walls a rich terracotta color.

2) Goal 2 – Student material packets: In August, we supplied 33 Abriendo Mentes students with classroom material packets, including pencil cases, pencils, pens, notebooks, folders and more. We will continue this effort throughout the 2011 year as well, starting in February 2011 supplying required public school material packets to the needier students.

3) Goal 3 – Experiential learning excursions: On November 21st we will be taking a group of 50 Abriendo Mentes students, parents and volunteers toAfrica Mia Wildlife Preserve, a safari adventure center located in Liberia, an hour from Potrero, to see many different types of African animals. We will emphasize endangered animals, which is in the English curriculum the students are studying this month, as well as African geography. This will be the first time that these children will have the opportunity to see these types of exotic animals, including zebra, giraffes and camels. We are very excited to offer this adventure to our most dedicated students! We have been keeping attendance cards for the past 3 months and the 30 students with the best attendance record have been invited to Africa Mia.

Stay tuned for pictures from the field trip this Sunday. A huge thank you to all of our supporters that contributed to the Goal of 3 and to Las Catalinas development in Playa Potrero for sponsoring the transportation for the trip to Africa Mia.

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