Ready, Set, Clean!

Written by Alexandra Carelli / Photos by Jonathan Katzenberg

Ever since the rush of tourist traffic during Semana Santa, Potrero hasn’t looked quite like itself. The endless stream of families, campers, and day trippers brought copious amounts of trash that now line the streets and beaches of our beloved village. The tourists typically bring the majority of their food, drink, and accommodations (i.e. a tent) from home, leaving Playa Potrero with little income from the rush of revelers, and a massive amount of rubbish.

To combat this annual problem, AM organized a Potrero Pick-Up day with the students to help beautify the area and spread awareness about proper garbage management. The participating students and volunteers divided into groups, and set out to eradicate the relentless rubbish. Meradith took every opportunity to teach the kids much needed lessons such as, “burning your trash on the side of the road is ineffective” and, “did you know glass doesn’t burn”?

Truthfully, picking up trash has never been so much fun. The kids got really into finding the largest pieces they could, and ending the clean-up at the beach was a welcome consolation. By the end we were all dappled in debris and sweat soaked, but I am happy to report that Potrero was truly more beautiful than ever.

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