Ugh, mud puddles in the classroom!

Last night marked the official beginning of the Costa Rican rainy season with hour upon hour of insanely heavy downpours. Unfortunately, it also marked the beginning of the problems associated with heavy rains in a poorly drained environment.

When we arrived at the Kids Club today for our T-Shirt Project, the place was literally filled with mud. As I unlocked the door and pushed it open, I was greeted with sheets of dirt caked on to the once pearly white ceramic floor. The mud puddles extended from the front door, to the classroom, to the bathroom, to the storage room in a thick sludge of wet, grassy, disaster. It was heartbreaking.

I started trying to clean the area with a broom, but too no avail. This mess is going to need more than a broom to clean up. The one stroke of luck is that the mess didn’t reach the electrical outlets and ruin our computers, or start a fire.

I suppose there is always a glimmer of hope in every disaster. Oh, developing countries, how you provide such a plethora of trials and tribulations.

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