The simple joy of arts and crafts

Written by Shannon Ghere

On Friday, I had the opportunity to lead an art class with a fellow volunteer, Lynn. We helped a small group of children create and decorate picture frames and then create paint or draw a picture to put into the frame. I was surprised at how much fun everyone had with the activity, including myself.

In the United States, I always love when my nephew brings home a craft that he had made at daycare and the pride he has in his creativity and the final product. We usually hang his “works of art” on the refrigerator. While this seems like such a simple part of a child’s life, in Portero the children have little opportunity and resources to develop their creativity skills and create a final project they can be proud of and bring home.

As we created our crafts, it was exciting to see each student’s creativity and how much fun they had making their frames and paintings. Some made paintings for their parents while others painted pictures of butterflies in their favorite colors.

Without activities, such as the ones Abriendo Mentes provides, the children’s afternoons would be spent idling. Instead, we were able to practice our English skills while we made crafts. It was simply just an enjoyable, fun afternoon together!

At the end of each day after I leave classes, I look forward to seeing the kids the next day and helping them with whatever they may need. Whether it’s English learning, help with a computer, or simply a friend to pass the time, I am excited to help and appreciative for the opportunities and services Abriendo Mentes provides.

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