Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

Written by Drew Ragland

What do diapers, fishing line, a car tire, a toilet seat, shoes, and ceramic tiles have in common? They were all among the various articles of garbage that were hauled off of Potrero Beach during a community wide beach cleanup event that took place on Monday, August 29. During the rainy season, swollen estuaries and strong tides deposit copious amounts of trash along the beach in Potrero Bay. This accumulation of refuse is an environmental hazard as well as a detraction from the aesthetic value of this otherwise pristine setting. Pollution on Potrero beach is a big problem that can be tackled with small solutions.

Mhia working hard to clean the beach.

The Las Catalinas team!

Spearheaded by Bahia del Sol Hotel, the beach cleanup was a collaboration between local businesses, Abriendo Mentes students, Las Catalinas Development and community members. With garbage bags in hand, over 20 students, parents, residents, and even a few tourists set out from Las Brisas on a mission to scour the beach for litter. Another group struck out from Hotel Bahia del Sol towards the “new marina.” From tiny plastic bags to a large tractor tire, no piece was too big or too small to be collected. The two cleaning crews rendezvoused back at Bahia del Sol for a much needed refreshment and to sort all the garbage for recycling. Glass, plastic, metal, and trash; everything was accounted for and loaded up to be taken to the recycling center. In total, several hundred pounds of litter was removed from Potrero Beach and everyone went home tired, proud, a bit malodorous, but most importantly satisfied in fulfilling a civic responsibility. We are looking forward to seeing everyone come out for the next beach clean. Stay tuned for the time and date and tell your friends and neighbors because the more the mejor.

Drew giving Luis a ride back to Potrero.

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One Response to Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

  1. AM says:

    See you at the next beach clean up. Well written blog!

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