Adam’s Song: Introductions

Written by Adam Lanka

Greetings fellow citizens of Potrero, Costa Rica, and the world! If you happen to currently find yourself in Costa Rica or specifically in our beautiful town of Potrero, then allow me to extend my salutations! The sun is shining, the cows are grazing, the dogs are barking, cars are breaking, the roosters are crowing, the road is dusting, and of course, people are living. I also extend a warm and hearty hello to any visitors that are reading this blog, looking at perhaps volunteering their time at Abriendo Mentes, or simply choosing to visit and share this paradise that we live in.

Allow me to introduce myself for the first time as an AM blogger. My name is Adam Lanka, I am 26 years young, hail from most recently Mooresville, North Carolina, and have been blessed to be able to call Costa Rica my home for the past four years. Amazingly, some people feel that I may have something to contribute to society, and I am privileged to be able to share my life with ya’ll. I am tasked slash honored to provide a perspective on life in this tropical paradise as a perpetual American vagabond. I’ll be contributing at least once a week to the AM blog, so prepare to get used to my observations, insights, and inner dialogue.

My time in Potrero seems like it began only yesterday, but as with most things I only see the time elapsed by taking a step back. And my does this town change. Rains fall and then disappear, restaurants open and close, roads descend into unspeakable horror and then are minutely repaired. It is the passage of faces that helps me tell time, that artificial, elusive little endeavor. Time is a face on the water, sent onward by the ripples into the world. Friends, family, tourists, neighbors, many people briefly anchor themselves here in Costa Rica before being swept back up into the tide of life. The population here is ever changing. But however brief the stay, it always leaves an impression. The way of life resonates deep inside our hearts, that this is real, that life is meant to be lived. By my own example, a one year contract turned into four years of bliss. How it worked? Well, the universe wanted me to sing this song, so I did.

So come sing with me. I invite you, challenge you even, to come to Costa Rica. To question what is important in your world. But primarily, I challenge you to live!

Adam Lanka is a freelance writer living in Potrero, Costa Rica. He volunteers his time to write for Abriendo Mentes. Contact Adam at or follow his blog The Wanderlust.

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