New Year, New Classes, New Beginnings

Written by: Rachael Sine

Monday marked the start of our very first day of classes of the year here in sunny Potrero. We had a great day and are hoping this is a good sign for things to come in 2012. About 37 kids showed up anxious to continue or start learning English, with many more coming the next day. Anna, our wonderful classroom director, planned fun activities for each class to do. The Pre-K and Kinder students learned about the letter “A” and made artwork out of a picture of an Armadillo.

The 3rd and 4th graders learned about introductions and were paired up with an AM volunteer whom they interviewed. There are quite a few new AM volunteers and each are excited to get to know the kids!

The 5th and 6th graders drew pictures of things that started with each letter of their name. They also learned five new words in English they didn’t know before and wrote sentences with each. They did a great job with adding interesting new words to their vocabulary.

It was exciting and encouraging to see how the kids responded to the first day of classes. They were attentive and remembered almost all of what they had learned the previous year. The enthusiasm the children bring to the classroom reminds us all of why Abriendo Mentes exists; to enhance education and empower communities in Costa Rica. Watching first hand these children starting or continuing their journey of education fills us with joy and excitement. What a beautiful start to a new year.

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4 Responses to New Year, New Classes, New Beginnings

  1. Lydia Sine says:

    Those smiles show that the kids are really enjoying themselves! Eager to see how they continue to learn and grow!

  2. Meradith says:

    What a great first day! We are so thrilled to have “un monton” of wonderful volunteers and students.

  3. Anna says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Lovin’ you and Austin’s armored armadillo 🙂

  4. Bekah Buttons says:

    I love armadillos!!!

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