Rockin’ Out on Fun Friday

Written by: Ilene Solomon

We kicked off the first Fun Friday of the 2012 1st session with a rockin’ good time! New Fun Friday Committee Head, Maria Haro, lead the students down to Potrero beach to collect rocks. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!?!

But with rocks, pebbles, and shells in hand, volunteers and students made their out of the hot sun and into to the (not as hot) Salon Comunal, where table after table was set with paints, paintbrushes, and water cups. The only instructions given to the kids included painting their rocks (and/or shells) with whatever shape or design they liked…and not to paint each other 🙂

Volunteer Brigitte paints a bright TucanVolunteer Birgitte paints a bright Tucan

Since Abriendo Mentes means, “opening minds,” incorporating art projects into our curriculum is of the utmost importance. When engaging in arts-related activities, one utilizes the right side of the brain, which is responsible for non-verbal thinking, emotions, creativity, and visual processing…a side of the brain not used as much in most academic settings. One would have guessed these students were all right-brain dominate, however; the creativity exploded as the kids begin choosing colors and calling upon their best artistic abilities!

Volunteer Maria and students Cindy, Alexa, Jeffrey & Tatiana posin' with their rock paintingsVolunteer Maria and students Cindy, Alexa, Jeffrey & Tatiana posin’ with their rock paintings

Volunteer Shannon and Melissa have the whole world in their hands!

Volunteer Shannon and Melissa have the whole world in their hands!

After all the paint had been used and paintbrushes set to dry, we looked around the room and saw a multitude of different creatures and designs among us. From globes to dinosaurs, geometric shapes to manta rays, hearts to smiley faces, and even scenic depictions of the Potrero landscape, we all took pride in our own creations, as well as in the creations of each other. We’ll mark this one up as a Fun Friday well done!

We are all looking forward to next Fun Friday, when local Canadian-turned-Costa Rican Colleen comes out for some yoga. We hope we’ve inspired you to open YOUR mind by trying your own rock painting!

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  1. Meradith says:

    Channa that is an awesome mundo!

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