Adam’s Song: Paradise Daze

Written by Adam Lanka

Greetings everyone, I am happy to be able to share with you all today.  As you can see, a lot is happening with Abriendo Mentes as they kick off their new semester and continue to provide an amazing service to Potrero and the community.  I see in the faces of the local children an excitement and enthusiasm for the program, but most of all I hear the laughter in their voices.  AM does a lot for the community, but for me the most important contribution is the smiles on the faces of their students.

With the termination of January and the inevitable advent of February, I’m sure most people here are aware of the chance.  The cool Papagayo winds are still blowing, making the water in pools, ponds, and the ocean extremely chilly.  A small walk down the street will leave you huffing and puffing, however, as the sun indeterminately stares down on us and bakes our skins.  The only real way to assuage the heat is a combination of the two, and the heat makes the waters feel even cooler.  This explains the seemingly mass migration to our local beaches by locals, tourists, and animals alike.  Only this morning a herd of cattle lounged under a fallen tree as I ran with my dogs, placidly watching us as we frolicked in the ocean.

The heat makes me feel as if I’m in a daze, and it is more apparent every day that we live in a desert.  Semi-arid tropical rain forests define the climate Costa Rica, and we are deep within the semi-arid portion.  I am thankful for any gust of wind and sliver of shade as I wander over the terrain.  When I slip out of the daze, I still find myself in paradise, and for this I am continually thankful.  We are blessed with so much, it feels great to share gratitude in return.  Peace.

Adam Lanka is a freelance writer living in Potrero, Costa Rica. He volunteers his time to write for Abriendo Mentes. Contact Adam at or follow his blog The Wanderlust.

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