Why Abriendo Mentes Invests in the Women of our Community

All over the world people will be celebrating today, March 8th, as International Women’s Day.  It is a day to recognize and honor the strength and ability of women as invaluable contributors to society.  Abriendo Mentes (AM) would like to take this opportunity to highlight the amazing women in the Potrero community and express why it’s important for us as an organization to invest in their growth and empowerment.

The women of Potrero are hard working.  They work hard at their jobs, in their homes, with their children, and with loved ones.  They are our loving neighbors, our helpful friends, and our gateway to the community.  However, these women often feel marginalized and oppressed due to the machismo society in which they live, their relationships or past experiences.  Abriendo Mentes strives to invest in the lives of these women because we recognize them as being powerful leaders in the community.  We recognize their hard work and we recognize that their talents and abilities are underutilized or under appreciated.  We invest in their lives because they have so much more strength and power than what is shown. They desire an outlet for expression and resources to help them take control of their lives and deal with the dynamic problems they face.  This is evident in the way they approach AM’s Women’s Empowerment Program.  It was the Potrero women who wanted to create a group where they could be free to express themselves, in a comfortable and engaging space, free from marginalization. They want to take control of their own lives and learn not only how to empower themselves but learn to empower and support one another. AM merely supplies the resources to help them do that. The Potrero women are progressively summoning the courage to take control of their own lives. Now that’s power. And that is why we invest.

Tonight we will celebrate International Women’s Day by hosting a dinner for the ladies of Mujeres Activas de Potrero, followed by a workshop on women’s rights in Costa Rica by CEPIA President Laetitia Deweer.  We are looking forward to celebrating together the power and privilege of what it means to be a woman living in Potrero.

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