Mosaic 2012: Get to know the Artist!

Written by: Rachael Sine 

We have an exciting week planned here at Abriendo Mentes! Along with regularly scheduled kids classes, artist Carrie O’Malley is here from the States, along with her friend and 2 children, to mosaic the inside pillars of the “salon” (community center)! When the children aren’t in classes, they will come and help with the mosaic. We are so thrilled that Carrie and gang has generously donated their time and talents to help make the salon a more beautiful, enjoyable space for the community. Here’s some tid bits to help you get to know Carrie:

Profile: Artist Carrie O’Malley 

From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What she does: While she’s not travelling around the world making mosaics to help build up communities, she teaches art Brookfield Academy in Wisconsin.

How she got into mosaics: After working in advertising for 12 years, she took time off to raise her children and taught herself how to mosaic. Later she traveled to Italy to study mosaics and fell in love with it.

Her vision:  Carrie would love to continue creating mosaics in other places around the world. Her goal is to help create beautiful spaces to give people pride and ownership in their communities.

How she discovered AM and Potrero: Carrie and her family vacationed in Potrero last year. While walking around town, she stumbled upon the murals on the community center and AM’s classroom.  She asked about how she could get involved and was pointed to Meradith and Drew. A year later, she is back and is truly making a difference in the Potrero community!

Carrie (middle) with her 2 children Macy and Logan, and friend Nichole.

Here’s a glimse of what we did yesterday:



Mil gracias to Carrie and family for being here! Thank you also to the students at Brookfield academy for creating beautiful tile pieces to use in the mosaic. We are so excited to be a part of this and see the end result. Check back for mosaic updates throughout the week!

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4 Responses to Mosaic 2012: Get to know the Artist!

  1. obiandween says:

    This is such a great way to OPEN the MINDS of our kiddos, the community, as well as the volunteers!! So happy that Carrie is here, sharing her passion, and that AM is here to help facilitate and participate!! Love it!

  2. Rachael says:

    This is great! I can’t wait to see the final product!

  3. Meradith says:

    Thank you to Carrie, Nicole, Macey and Logan for your amazing inspiration and hard work. The mosaic is beautiful!

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