Volunteer weekend in Nosara!

Written by: Birgitte Maarup 

A few weekends ago, we volunteers went to the beautiful beach of Nosara on this year’s first volunteer trip! After a cheerful 2.5 hour bus ride through Guanacaste in a nicely air conditioned bus, we arrived at our hostel, 4 You, ready for a fun get-away.

Our group split into two, one consisting of those staying at the luxury hostel featuring hot
water showers and nice, comfy beds and the other one made up of those cool people who
were tough enough to camp in tents on the beach. After settling in or searching out the
perfect spot for a tent, we met up at the beach to play in the big waves, chat, tan and read
in the sand.

Friday night, we went to dinner without reservations, but were greeted at a restaurant
where they promptly set up a table for us and took our 15 orders! After devouring on
delicious veggie burgers, cerviche, casados, chicken parmesan and more, we continued to
the beach to set up tents and have some fun, before people returned to the hostel for a
peaceful night of sleep while the wind made that a challenge for the camping people.

More or less well rested, we, impressively, fit most of us in Kristin and Juan’s car for a fun,
and for some slightly painful, ride to breakfast at a cute little cafe on Saturday morning.
After breakfast, we split up again, some going to yoga, others strolling down the street
browsing the different shops for good bargains, while others again headed straight for the
beach where we ultimately all ended up for another round of splashing around in the water
and relaxation in the sun. We watched the gorgeous sunset, before repeating 15-people
dinner success, this time with reservations and at a different, but equally great if not even
greater, restaurant. After dinner, we once again split up, most people going to the beach to
celebrate Peter’s birthday Sunday with an early bonfire, while three of us went to Nosara
to check out the local disco!

We started the Sunday (Peter’s birthday, yay!) off with an awesome and fun activity;
laughter yoga which basically consists of laughing while doing yoga exercises. We all had
so much fun during this happy morning exercise. After finishing up and getting the
instructors info (we definitely would like him to come and do a Fun Friday!) we went home
in an extra good mood to cook Peter a special birthday brunch. Lots of great food was
prepared by all the volunteers, everyone contributing with something, and enjoyed in the
hostel kitchen.

The last few hours in Nosara were spent relaxing at the beach or in the hostel’s pretty
outside area enjoying each other’s company and the wonderful Costa Rican weather
before returning home to another exciting week with yet another great experience in the

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