AM’s First Annual Career Fair!

Written by: Addison Hill 

Last Thursday, May 3rd, was a special day for Abriendo Mentes and community members alike. We hosted a career fair in the Salon featuring stations with various career representatives. The kids broke into small groups and rotated throughout the stations, talking to local adults about their careers and asking questions. (There were even prizes for correct answers at some stations!) There were many different options for the kids to learn about, including a dentist, a nurse, a teacher, a nutritionist, a hotel manager, and a chef.

Our own volunteer, Carolina, was the nutritionist representative and was able to put her expertise to good use by talking to the kids about healthy food options. She had an interactive presentation that focused on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and choosing healthy options like water or fruit juice over sugary sodas. The kids loved raising their hands to answer questions about healthy choices and their own eating habits.

The career fair was a valuable experience for the kids because it allowed them to explore some of the options open to them. Getting them excited about the possibilities they have for their future is critical in getting them motivated to learn and explore. It was great for them to talk to people in their own community about different careers. Learning about what is needed to be successful in a career they are interested in provides motivation to keep up their studies and work toward a goal. The career fair also helped establish ties between the kids and other community members. Bringing local volunteers in to teach the kids is a great way to help people form connections with the children and with Abriendo Mentes as an organization. We were lucky to have such helpful career representatives; they were animated and informative. Overall, the career fair was a successful opportunity for the Abriendo Mentes students to get excited about their futures.

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