Adam’s Song: Potrero Transformation

When I opened my ears and eyes this morning, I was greeted by sweet, soothing lullaby.  I find nothing quite as peaceful as waking up to the world gently weeping, its tears falling down to bathe and wash over the Earth.  These are undoubtably tears of joy, for what can make a place that has been languishing mightily in the desert for months happier than the answering sound of water, of life falling from the heavens.  One season ends, another begins; with the closing of the old chapter and the beginning of a new one, the inevitable cycles of life continue for at least one more day.

As the land drinks its fill, it rejoices.  The memory of water and moisture must seem an alien thing after so much time without it, but the familiar feelings flood back when the first drop kisses down onto the ground.  The taste of water on the lips of trees and plants is intoxicating.  The greenery serenely sways with the wind and rain, drunk on water, full and overflowing with the life giving liquid.

The change is a gradual one, but the land starts to show a new face.  Dusty roads with fierce storms of grey and brown transform into natural bogs and lagoons.  Scrawny, adolescent plants and trees finally stretch their arms as they mature.  The growth and green brought on by the rain is as sudden as the onset of the storm, and just as magical.  Fields that were only days ago black and brown, burnt, charred, and barren, are now lush oases that painted their faces green overnight.  Their slender limbs beckon us forward, urge us to drink in the beauty, and relish the tropical paradise that we call home.

The world screams abundance, and provides everything we need to survive and grow together.  As this transformation happens, the effects are not lost on the animal residents of the area.  Birds, monkeys, iguanas, cows, dogs all celebrate the sound by lifting their voices on high, and sing for the arrival of the rain.  They are aware as much as we are of the life brought by water, probably more so, and know to relish in its arms while it is here.

The transformation of our lives is constant, a perpetual growth and change, in incessant flow from one state to the next.  Each season and each chapter brings its own challenges and obstacles, but with it also its own benefits and joys.  For this transition into rain, and the blossoming of the land, our town, and our people, we say thank you.  The waters of life and community knit us together, and together we grow and transform the world all around us.  Namaste.

Adam Lanka is a freelance writer living in Potrero, Costa Rica. He volunteers his time to write for Abriendo Mentes. Contact Adam at or follow his blog The Wanderlust.

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