Festival de Papalotes

Written by: Rebecca Rotella

Community Kite Project is a group of artists who perform kite making workshops in communities around the world.  Their purpose is to bring communities together by the simple act of creating and flying kites.  They joined us the weekend of May 18th to do a workshop with the youth and families of Potrero.  On Friday afternoon the children gathered in the salon to make these beautiful yet simple kites.  A single kite hung in the doorway as the children entered the room, and the excitement that spread across their faces was contagious.


They began the project with prepared templates of a rhomboidal shape, for their soon to be masterpieces.  They then selected the base color for their kites made of tissue paper, and from there started decorating and personalizing their new toys.  Some drew pictures of hearts and flowers, while others decorated with layers of tissue paper, creating patterns that made their kite unique to the rest.  Next, they added the tail, and string for balance in the air, and the kites were complete!


We met again on Sunday morning to take the kites for their first flight! The children gathered in the plaza where the volunteers administered minor adjustments, and we were off to Playa Penca.  The trail of excited children making their way to the beach was a happy site.  So happy in fact, that we collected some parents and newcomers along the way .  The morning was beautiful, and although the wind was not as strong as we would have hoped, this did not phase the children.   One by one, kites went up into the air, and eventually there were many going at once.  Some never got their kites to fly, but the other children were more than happy to let others fly their kites.  There is a sense of freedom you get while flying a kite…. running across the breezy shoreline while spreading your arms in the air, letting your artwork fly the sky.  What a great way to spend the weekend, here in our home, Potrero.


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