Amor Bajo Del Mar dance party!

With balloons lined along the Salon walls, a DJ booth with flashing colorful lights and streamers wrapped around every column in sight, Abriendo Mentes’ Amor Bajo Del Mar party was ready to get under way!

The party was set up to celebrate the end of the session, where the kids–and their families–could come dance the night away together. The community salon was the place to be Friday night, with hits ranging from Pitbull to Gwen Stefani. Even the dogs were dancing!

The party also served as the launch party for the non-profit organization Lacrosse the Nations, which has been working with Abriendo Mentes in establishing a lacrosse program for the kids.


This was also Gaby’s last night here, so all the kids got to say their goodbyes to her. She definitely had a huge impact on the children in Potrero, and everyone will miss her so much!

It was a great time for all the community members and volunteers to have fun on a rainy Friday night, having their hard work in the classroom pay off in a wonderful way!

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