The Omprakash Workshop from my perspective

It’s official: The Omprakash Cross-Cultural Education Workshop is underway. And, while it’s only Wednesday, there is certainly a sense that this week will serve as a catalyst for the personal and professional advancement of all of its attendees.

From my vantage point as an Abriendo Mentes volunteer, this conference has been–and certainly will continue to be–an educational experience that simply has no comparison. The presentations and workshops are filled with rich, thorough information–the sort of information that can only be provided by those who have learned from experience. And, that is really what makes this conference so stimulating: you don’t hear the typical marketing-like tone from these people, you hear the raw essence of experiential teaching.

The presentations are full of insightful information, yes. But what is truly impressive to see is the collaboration and synergy among the participants. When a problem is presented to the group for inspection, either someone will have an answer or the group will slowly chisel away at it, creating a more refined solution with every proposition. This is the sort of problem-solving technique that produces results in the real world.

I appreciate the hard work Omprakash, Abriendo Mentes and all of the workshop’s attendees have put into making this become a reality. For my colleagues and I, it is a learning experience that we’ll be able to reference for the rest of our lives.

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