Beginning of Session 3 at Abriendo Mentes: Brasilito

By: Jamie Nabers

It was our first week back teaching English in the Brasilito Park to muchos niños (K-6th grade) and teaching two Kindergarten classes in the local elementary school.

Below is a picture of Brasilito park where we teach English. We have just started a Sports program that John leads on Mondays as well. It’s a great space for a community classroom and place for kids and families to hang out in a positive atmosphere.

This Wednesday was my first time leading the Brasilito Kinder class in the actual school. They were learning the letter ‘F’ and we did an activity: “F” is for Frog. I think the word “ribbit” crosses both languages 🙂

I think I’m the only one that felt like my frog had to be green!

“Thrilling Thursday” in Brasilito is supposed to be an extra curricular day where we do different crafts, games, field trips, etc. This Thursday, we made animal masks because “Animals” was the topic for the week, which is tied to what they are learning in their regular school.

On Fridays, in Potrero, they call it “Fun Friday.” The town has let Abriendo Mentes use some space behind their salon to start a garden. So, the kids planted a lot of seeds and finally got to put up the signs they made a few weeks ago. The space has gone from a place covered in trash to a great learning space for kids.

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