A World of Possibilities

By Rachel Gallucci

The theme of kids classes last week at AM was Transportation and Travel. Through various projects, crafts, and activities, the kids were learning valuable vocabulary words and, more importantly, how to think beyond the scope of Potrero. As a recent high school graduate, I truly believe that a global perspective is one of the most important, invaluable skills a child can be taught.

The bottom line is, when you are given the opportunity to see just how far you can travel in this world—how many people you can meet, how many things you can do, how much impact you can have—you dream bigger. Your dreams can only grow as big as your perspective, and if that perspective is limited to a small town, it’s hard to develop big ambitions. It’s like growing a plant in a small bottle, as opposed to an open field where it can flourish. Your goals will always be proportionate to your perspective.

When children learn to base their expectations on a global standard, they work harder to meet those expectations as well. They see how the accumulation of knowledge has real application, and how every piece of information they learn is a stepping stone from which to view a little more of the world. They can glimpse outside of their own circumstances and begin to understand that knowledge is the key to freedom—that with knowledge, you have more power over your own situation and, if need be, have the ability to change it if you are unsatisfied. A global perspective isn’t just about learning geography or cultures, it’s about developing hope. Hope that, no matter where you are in life, there is always a great big world out there, just waiting for you to find your place in it.

world of possibilities

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