The Bastoneras are Back

By Patti Brown

The Potrero Bastoneras (baton twirlers) rocked it out on October 12th at our end of session pizza party at Las Brisas!  They had been working very hard to perform with the school’s marching band in the Independence Day parade in September, but, unfortunately, many activities were cancelled due to the earthquake.  This setback did not stop them from practicing–in fact, it gave them extra time to learn additional skills and perfect a choreographed routine. The girls recently learned many partner tricks, twirling the baton in both hands, and several advanced dance steps that took hours of practice to incorporate.

Not only have they improved their talent physically, they have also developed positive self-esteem and upbeat attitudes for the sport.  On Friday, I was so happy to see how much the girls’ confidence and skills have grown within just a few months.  Before the performance as we walked to Las Brisas all together, I could see the excitement in their eyes and how significant they all felt to be a part of something.  I was overwhelmed with how beautiful they were in their new costumes!  They are certainly representing themselves as a team and, most importantly, having fun.  This session, the girls will begin advancing their skills to put on a show for Christmas!

Bastoneras prepare for performancePotrero Bastoneras perform at Las BrisasPotrero Bastoneras perform at Las Brisas

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One Response to The Bastoneras are Back

  1. Meradith says:

    Wow – that is amazing, I am so proud of them!

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