AM Joins Community to Raise Money for Cancer Research

By Jamie Nabers

Hike promotional flyer

Last Saturday, eleven Abriendo Mentes volunteers and of course Harry Potter (Caroline’s dog) participated in the Caminata por el Tratamiento del Cáncer (Hike for the Cure of Cancer). Las Catalinas opened up their beautiful hiking trails to us for an approximately three-hour hike on the beautiful coast of the Pacific in order to help raise money for cancer research.  A few of the volunteers (Trevor and Sam) were really ambitious by running the very mountainous roads to get to Las Catalinas before the hike even started; I don’t think that would have ever crossed my mind, but I was very proud of them!

AM at the Hike for the Cure of Cancer

A class of students from Potrero helped to support the cause as well. It was so encouraging to see the kids out in the community and running through the trails with all their built up energy.

AM kids at Hike for the Cure of Cancer

Along the way there were fruit and water stops, which were so needed and appreciated! For the most part the hike was not too strenuous, and there were some points in the walk that had absolutely stunning views. I think a few of us will definitely be back to explore all the other trails on the property.  By the end, we were all pretty tired but pumped that we got to support a greater cause!

View from Las Catalinas trail

AM volunteers after the hike

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