The Growing Never Really Ends

By Becca Hurliman

While Potrero is still the calm little town that it is, it seems as though the Abriendo Mentes team has been working nonstop for the past few months.  The most apparent change is our new office, now home to the Mujeres Activas de Potrero group and adult English classes.  Lessons that I once taught outdoors under the late afternoon sun in the parking lot, surrounded by stray dogs and a steady whirl of people coming and going from the office, will now be taught indoors at a table.

It sounds so simple: classroom space, proper lighting, students sitting and writing and learning at a table.  Yet it’s remarkable and a clear indicator of growth.

Abriendo Mentes was founded in 2009, and before we know it we will be celebrating our 4th Anniversary.  The organization has come such a long way with the help of numerous volunteers and interns, and the generosity of countless donors.  Part of what I feel Abriendo Mentes does best is to constantly adjust to the needs and interests of the community.  Flexibility is required in order to change and grow in the desired directions.  Open minds are required to continue opening minds.

I have no doubt in my mind that 2013 will bring with it substantial growth.  We gave the new office a fresh coat of paint the color of a light sand beach.  We are eagerly welcoming in a new round of volunteers and interns.  This week we begin classes once again – and while many faces will be the same, they have advanced a grade since last year and are ready for the new start.

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