Bright Beginnings

This post was originally posted on the blog of our women’s empowerment group, Mujeres Activas de Potrero.  The author of this post is the Women’s Empowerment Coordinator at Abriendo Mentes.  Check out the women’s group website here or visit them on Facebook!

By Natalie Ortiz

Happy new year, happy new session. We are starting better than ever this year!

We now have a beautiful new space where we can work, resulting in more time and flexibility for our sewing sessions. We are also beginning to create our very own storefront.
We have many reasons to celebrate, including the arrival of two brand new sewing machines. Now we are working with a total of five sewing machines! It’s incredible to think that only three months ago we were doing everything with just one. While we started our microbusiness with just one sewing machine, we always have had plenty of motivation and willingness; now we can firmly assure that that is all that matters. If we believe in what we do, and we work towards our goal with passion, the resources will come.


We are very excited to announce that as part of our Trade School program, the women that have been sewing for the past five months are turning into teachers for a new beginners class that is going to begin next week. We think that with the resources and the talent that we currently have, we can empower some other women in the community who have also developed interest in the project. It is a great opportunity for growth and expansion. It is also a good way to express the openness of the project and to nourish the principles of sharing, mutual respect, and knowledge exchange.

Our new regular weekly schedule will include three sewing sessions for the advanced group, two for the beginners, two zumba classes, and one yoga class. All these activities are designed to be able to bring benefits to the women of the community and improve their general wellbeing.

This year is starting with the goals of improving the quality and diversifying our products, enhancing and reinforcing teamwork, and strengthening the Women’s Empowerment Group for the flourishing of new creative entrepreneurs.


We would also like to thank all the generous donors who have supported the Crowdrise campaign for the coordinator role, we have reached 60% of our goal to date, and we are confident that with your help, we will reach the goal very soon.  Be sure to check out the Crowdrise campaign here and watch the women’s video below!

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