Familiar and New

By Jenni Gillespie

Like the juxtaposition of cornfields and coconut trees; or a cow pasture and a banana grove.

I have had the opportunity to live in several countries around the world and each one has its own special mix of sights, sounds, scents and flavors that have stayed with me. and bring back memories each time they are encountered again. Arriving in a new home, I am often first struck by the things that are very different (sewer systems that don’t handle paper at all); or seem for a moment very familiar (the shape and texture of the hills behind Playa Potrero at sunset look at first glance so much like the foothills of Enpein, Pohnpei). But as I live and work in a new home, and come to know it better, its special character emerges for me.

Potrero has now become one of those places for me, too.

Some of the things that will always bring Potrero to my mind

  • The tight curve of Playa Potrero as it arcs from Las Brisas around to Flamingo. You can stroll down the beach and the sunset moves from the rocks, to open ocean, to silhouetting Flamingo Resort.
  • The aquamarine of the ocean looking down from one of the curves on the road to Playa Danta on an incredibly clear day.
  • The roar of howler monkeys and crow of roosters at 5 a.m. Best alarm system ever.
  • The smell of a really fresh pineapple at the fruit stand.
  • The feel of cooked cassava in my hands, trying to make empanadas.
  • The taste of natilla and fresh Monteverde cheese on slices of baguette.
  • The chatter and whoosh of parakeets overhead.

There are more things, of course: patacones, rice and beans or beans and rice if you prefer; roads that flip from flooded to dusty in a just a few days; my first “suicide shower”; ginger, citrus & honey,and, naturally, Lizano salsa, best general flavor enhancer ever.

For the rest of my life, Potrero will always be a reminder away.

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