Crafting and Learning: A Week of Environmental Education

by Claire Geers

Last week has been quite exciting for the kids in Potrero. Not only did their regular school start in the mornings, but we had a special guest come and teach for the week.

Carolina Sanchez is studying at the University of Costa Rica and chose Abriendo Mentes as the organization she wanted to do her field work with. She taught the kids about the environment and ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. The kids were thrilled with the numerous crafty activities she planned.

The younger kids made things like wallets out of carton milk and juice boxes, while the older kids weaved together bags out of regular plastic bags! After a week of learning how long it takes for different materials to decompose, they all received a reusable green bag that their families can use for buying their groceries, which were generously donated by the Green Committee from Kindi Academy, a private Montessori school in Lisle, Illinois.

The bags even have the Abriendo Mentes logo on them, how cool?

Kindi Academy bags

The reusable grocery bags generously donated by Kindi Academy

Recycling poster

Environmental class: learning about different kinds of waste

Painting and crafts!

Painting, crafts and fun!

Environmental Class

Learning with UCR Masters student Carolina Sanchez

Egg box eye goggles

Reusable crafts: egg box eye goggles!

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