AM Serves Up Trivia For a Cause

By Lindsay Losasso

What is the capital of India? Which is the only mammal that can fly? Where did bagels originate?

These were just a few questions from Abriendo Mentes’ inaugural Trivia Night Challenge last week at the Shack. More than 40 participants, forming 13 different teams (all great team names including the Super Maes, Team T-Rex, and Los Conchos), came out to test their trivia knowledge, all in the name of a good cause, with all player entrance fees benefiting Abriendo Mentes.

We’d like to extend a special congratulations to our big winners – the British Monkey Scuba Junkies, who really knew their stuff! Overall, it was a great night of good laughs, fun times with friends, and a little friendly competition. We’d like to extend our gratitude to our co-sponsor Harry at the Shack and his staff for helping us host a successful evening. Thank you to everyone who joined us and if you couldn’t make it this month – we’ll see you next time! Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

trivia collage

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