MAP Introduces Meditation and Breathing Techniques in Health Workshop

By Francesca Cellini

Sunday evening Mujeres Activas de Potrero (MAP) hosted a workshop for the women of Potrero as part of a series to promote healthy living. The workshop covered meditation and breathing with the goal of teaching the participants stress management and mindfulness techniques that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

The workshop began with taking the blood pressure of the women, as well as their height and weight. Next, AM volunteer Jose gave an information session about relaxation and breathing. By introducing new ways to sit and to breathe, he taught the women how to allow energy to flow through the body.

The participants especially enjoyed the last portion of the workshop – a relaxation exercise. AM volunteer Francesca led this exercise by guiding the women through relaxation and breathing techniques as the women were lying down, focusing on being mindful of their bodies and their breathing.

The workshop participants left feeling relaxed and willing to try the techniques they learned in their daily lives.

ImageFrancesca guiding the relaxation exercise

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