Adventures in Nicaragua

By Sassy Weinstein

When I say adventures in Nicaragua, I mean adventures in the fullest and most literal way possible. It all began at the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua: one of the most bizarre situations my three friends and I have ever experienced. After traveling on three different buses just to get to the border, we were tired and hoped there would be some sort of directions or someone to tell us how to proceed in crossing the border, however we unfortunately received the exact opposite. We found ourselves walking somewhat aimlessly along a dirt road lined with tractor trailors and vendors selling who knows what, just hoping that the road would take us to Nicaragua in some way or form. After going through several different checkpoints, paying our fee at the migration office, exchanging money, and refusing taxi rides from masses of taxi drivers,  we finally found our way.

It was smooth sailing once we got to our destination in San Juan del Sur. Coming from small town Potrero, San Juan del Sur felt like a huge city. We had our first dinner at a restaurant right on the beach, where we were able to witness one of the most incredible sunsets and enjoy some deliciously fresh mahi-mahi and a cocktail; it was the perfect way to end a long day of traveling.

The next two days, we explored some of Nicaraguas most beautiful beaches: Playa Hermosa and Playa Remanso. The beaches were expansive, seemingly like they went on for miles, and with great waves for surfing. I have always wanted to surf, but the waves on the East Coast, where I’m from, are way too scary for me and the water is way too cold. I knew this was my chance and I was not going to pass it up! Just as i expected, it was incredible – a bit scary in the beginning but even more exhilarating, especially the first time you are finally able to catch a wave. For any beginner learning to surf, Nicaragua is the perfect place to learn!

After surfing all day, we were exhausted… But we had to rest up because it just so happened that the one weekend my friends and I decided to go to Nicaragua was also the weekend of one of their largest fiestas celebrating Dia del San Juan. Right outside the steps of our hostel was a huge street festival with vendors selling fresh fruits, meats, and many other Nicaraguan delicacies (all incredibly cheap, as we found most food to be there) as well as a fun band playing live music that would go until almost 5 am! Needless to say, we did not get much sleep that night, but it was 100% worth it.

The next day, even more tired than when we came, we embarked back on the journey to Costa Rica, which was much smoother than our arrival. Overall it was a fantastic whirlwind of a weekend in Nicaragua. We did some incredible things , enjoyed delicious and cheap food (lots of tacos) and met some great people who were also traveling, coming from all over the world, ranging from Australia and New Zealand to Israel to Switzerland. I know I speak for both myself and all my friends when I say I’d go back in a heartbeat and feel incredibly lucky that I was able to take such a great trip even though I’m only in Costa Rica such a short amount of time.

ImageSunset on Playa Hermosa

ImagePerformances at the street festival
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