Potrero Through the Eyes of a Local Dog


“Shsssch…afuera”… I wish they’d stop saying that to me! I just want to come inside and hang out with my humans. It’s not like I’m begging for scraps or anything… okay, well maybe, but just a little bit. A dog has to eat, you know!

Other than that, life here in Potrero is not too hard. I get to run around all day with my mates, exploring our little bit of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We usually have eventful days, like today. My morning started out with a romp in the glistening waves of the Pacific. I can see why those humans named it “peaceful,” as I run along the cool water, soaking up the warm sun, and occasionally rolling around in the sand to itch those hard-to-reach spots.

After shaking the sand off my fur, I poke my head into the “supers” to see what the local news has to offer. Amidst the dog community we certainly hear the common news of the day, but normally it has to do with how those Abriendo Mentes humans are planning another vocational education seminar, having a fun lacrosse game, or selling handmade bags made by the human moms. I mean, it’s all well and good that the humans have so many opportunities around here, but I really wish they would plan an awesome day for us, too! Maybe if we stand outside their office and look really cute…

I was also able to walk to the “Kids’ Club” with my human sister today where she is learning English conversation skills so she can grow up to find a great job or maybe even go to university! I heard my human parents say the possibilities are endless, but I must say, I am perfectly comfortable speaking “Bark.”

While today was eventful, it was also just a typical day here in Potrero, full of community and hard-earned potential. That’s all I have for tonight diary. Maybe tomorrow I’ll finally catch that bike…


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