What’s New with Trivia?

By Sheila Serafino

Do you know the name for a male rhinoceros? Or what large animal Indian howdahs utilize to carry their human passengers?

Me neither. But thankfully trivia is a team game, and the other members of Shorty’s+1 brought their best to AM’s last Trivia Night of the season. Last week, thirty participants from nine teams utilized a lot of brainpower and raised over $120 for Abriendo Mentes. Congratulations are in order for Team T-Rex, who went home with the win among some pretty stiff competition including last month’s winner, Team Firefly.

Sadly, Trivia Night will go on hiatus until November as the Shack takes a break for the low season.  But with every ending comes a new beginning, this one with AM at Marie’s Restaurant in Flamingo for drinks, bocas, and… BINGO.  The festivities start at 6:30 pm, this Tuesday, August 27th.  All proceeds benefit Abriendo Mentes.  Thanks for your support this summer, and hope to see you at Bingo!

Team T rex winners

Team T-Rex takes the prize!

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