Potrero Fishing Adventures

By Lindsay Losasso

On a recent weekend, while I had some friends visiting in Potrero, we thought it would be fun to try something new and charter a fishing trip. I made arrangements for a half day tour with the father of one our AM students. We left from the dock in Potrero at 7 am sharp the next day, full of excitement.

The trip ended up being incredible from start to finish. Within about 10 minutes of hitting the water, we came across a family of three pilot whales, splashing about in the bay. I had missed all of the recent Potrero whale sightings, so I was beyond excited to get such a close up view. Then we set out for the Catalina Islands, catching a large black tuna on the way. We didn’t have much luck fishing out at the islas, but with the beautiful day and sightings of turtles and flying fish, no one seemed to mind.


Pilot whale sighting right off our boat

We then stopped for a brief swim on the shores of Isla de Plata, a beautiful uninhabited island right off of the peninsula at Flamingo Beach. Then we headed toward the shore at Potrero beach. Our fantastic guides were determined to increase our haul, so after reeling in several sardines for bait, we started casting, hoping for some luck. After some due diligence and a few mishaps with some birds mistaking our bait for a free fish (oops!), we ended up with two sizable jack fish. Having no significant fishing experience, reeling in my huge catch was quite the event.


Working hard to reeling in my catch

Just as we headed back to shore mid-day, the family of whales re-emerged to put on a final show of waving fins and spouting. A perfect end to a fantastic morning on the water in beautiful Costa Rica!

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One Response to Potrero Fishing Adventures

  1. Liz Losasso says:

    What a great time you must have had! I love reading about what you are doing down there!

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