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Bringing the family to Potrero

Ted Haile has been Abriendo Mentes’ Technology Coordinator since September 2013. He moved to Potrero from Los Angeles with his wife Kristina, and three sons, Jonathan (11), Noah (8) and Orion (5). He is a software engineer by trade, and … Continue reading

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Brasilito perspectives

Written by Richard Julian In this new series of blog posts I am going to delve a little deeper into what it is like to volunteer here in Costa Rica with Abriendo Mentes. I hope to use my position as … Continue reading

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Lacrosse the Nations: The Power to Make Positive Change

by Caroline Kirkendoll What was your favorite class in elementary school (not counting recess)? Before boyfriends and girlfriends, college essays and SAT scores, varsity letters and locker room gossip, when everyone walked to and from places in lines and traded … Continue reading

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A Piece of the Puzzle

by Lizzie Smith There are few things I hate more than the act of saying good-bye. And even worse than saying good-bye is saying good-bye to kids. It never gets any easier. Before taking the position of Director of Youth … Continue reading

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Hemos Crecido Juntas

de Natalie Ortiz Cómo se aleja uno de un proyecto que está floreciendo? Es como plantar una semilla ver crecer el árbol, acariciar la flor pero alejarse al ver nacer el fruto.  El fruto no es mío, es ahora del … Continue reading

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Beginning the Journey

by Javiera Gutierrez I am from Santiago, Chile and I am an English teacher. It is hard to describe the reality of this community given the fact that I come from a big city. 6,026,797 people live in Santiago and Potrero … Continue reading

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On the Brink

by Gina Dettmer Six year-old Sofia’s school day is over by ten thirty, the same time that most kids in the States are just settling into their first lesson.  “Did you enjoy your classes?” I ask her as I sit … Continue reading

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Fieldtrip to Conchal Take Two!

Written by: Anna Hergt As we hopped on the bus off to part two of a four part series of ecological field trips lead by the Conchal Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre, I thought about the last time we went. … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Expanding Abriendo Mentes

Written by: Meradith Leebrick  When we started AM three years ago, on June 8th 2009, we didn’t know what the future would hold.  As many of you have heard, we started with a bag of broken crayons, one white board, … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Abriendo Mentes!

Written by: Ilene Solomon This past Friday marked the 3rd anniversary of Abriendo Mentes, and in true Tico style, we celebrated this amazing milestone with a massive fiesta! As I walked into the Salon Comunal, colorful balloons and bright “Happy … Continue reading

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