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Bringing the family to Potrero

Ted Haile has been Abriendo Mentes’ Technology Coordinator since September 2013. He moved to Potrero from Los Angeles with his wife Kristina, and three sons, Jonathan (11), Noah (8) and Orion (5). He is a software engineer by trade, and … Continue reading

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What do you do here? Part 2

by Becca Hurliman As a continuation of last Friday’s post, I am answering the question “What do you do here?” with active pursuits in mind. In the small town of Potrero, there are definitely no bookstores to browse through, coffee … Continue reading

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Lacrosse the Nations: The Power to Make Positive Change

by Caroline Kirkendoll What was your favorite class in elementary school (not counting recess)? Before boyfriends and girlfriends, college essays and SAT scores, varsity letters and locker room gossip, when everyone walked to and from places in lines and traded … Continue reading

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A Piece of the Puzzle

by Lizzie Smith There are few things I hate more than the act of saying good-bye. And even worse than saying good-bye is saying good-bye to kids. It never gets any easier. Before taking the position of Director of Youth … Continue reading

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The Road to Playa Penca

by Jenna van Schoor I remember the first time I walked the road to Playa Penca. Becca, the Program Coordinator, was giving me my orientation tour on my second day in Costa Rica, and was showing me the town. So … Continue reading

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AM Field Trip: Gelato at the Heladeria

by Becca Hurliman We started off the first of our field trips this session with a visit to the Heladeria Italiana in the nearby Villagio Flor del Pacifico. A small group of kindergarten and first grade students congregated last Saturday … Continue reading

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Potrero Community: An Update on the Story Learning Project

by Becca Hurliman Photos are starting to come into the office: pictures of chunky babies held in arms covered with tattoos, a number of stoic faces and shy smiles along with the occasional grin, the blurred images of an evening … Continue reading

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Health and Community in Potrero: Feria de Salud

by Lindsay Losasso One evening last week, more than 50 local residents joined Abriendo Mentes for a health fair that was held in the Salon Comúnal of Potrero. The fair, which was free and open to the public, featured various … Continue reading

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Dancing Down the Sun

by Gina Dettmer The women in this town take their job seriously.  They rise before the sun, and by the time they step out the door at seven their children are smartly dressed in freshly ironed uniforms, hair plaited and … Continue reading

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Crafting and Learning: A Week of Environmental Education

by Claire Geers Last week has been quite exciting for the kids in Potrero. Not only did their regular school start in the mornings, but we had a special guest come and teach for the week. Carolina Sanchez is studying … Continue reading

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